Your dream

If you can dream it, we can design it. Here at Dreamchaser everything is possible. The atelier behind our shop has more than 30 years of experience in silver and gold design and setting diamonds and gemstones. They made hundreds of people happy with their own personal design. 

How do you get in touch?

Please send an email to with your question and all the things we need to know. If you have pictures or drawings of something you have your eye on, do include them. 

No Inspo?

You have no inspiration, but you wan't a unique design exclusively for you. Just let us know which piece of jewelry you would like and what kind of style it should be or meaning it should have and we'll do the dreaming for you. 

And then?

Once we've received your question we will calculate the price of your desired piece of jewelry and inform you about it. If everything's okay we will start de production process. Very exciting, counting the days till we can deliver your dream at your doorstep. 

Dreams do come true...